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               1938-41 Bed Shown

      There was not a front crossmember on the 38-41 boxes. Ford utilized two maple wood risers which we also sell.
They kept the front and rear of the bed level with the middle crossmembers that sat on the frame.
Here is a link to those pictures BEDMOUNT






      After all the metal working is done , it's  time to fit the wood. This is the basic adapter kit that was designed to convert the original sheet metal floor to the newer board and strip concept used later by Ford .

       The first thing that needs to be done is layout all six pieces on the steel subframe starting with the long runners with the notches cut out , as shown on the left . Make sure that you have them against the front panel and that they are sitting flat on the frame . You will have a gap at the back so don't get scared yet , the gap gets covered up at the end of the whole floor installation procedure .

     Next , you must install the cross slats that run left to right or visa versa .You can start with whichever one you want to it doesn't really matter . Front to back is probobly best . Now if you keep in mind that the wider slats are for the front and back then the rest is self explanatory . On 1938-41 beds , the holes should be 1 1/4" from the front panel so it will line up withe the holes in the bed strips .On 1942-50 beds the holes should be 2 1/2" from the front .

      As for the back , line up the holes with the ones drilled in the rear sill . The edge should line up with the end of the long runner at the back .Once those two are in place the middle slats should rest nicely on the middle cross sills .